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January 22 2020          


Troubleshooting for Online Ticket Purchases


*Payment Errors*

When you receive a "Payment Error" this means that your credit card was declined. There are several reasons a credit card could be declined however the following are the most common:

1) Billing Address that was entered is not the address on file with the card issuing bank

2) Zip Code that was entered is not the address on file with the card issuing bank

3) Expiration Date was entered incorrectly

4) CVV (3 digit security code on the back of the card) was entered incorrectly

If you return to the check out page you will be able to reenter the correct information. When the order is processed the page will refresh and you will receive an order number. Please make sure you write down this order number as that is how we find you in the system.


*Please confirm Email*

You will receive this error for two reasons:

1) You only typed the email once (you have to type the email once and then a second time to confirm)

2) You typed one email different then the other (Please note - the system is NOT set up to recognize that you typed a "7" instead of a "T", the system recognizes that one of the emails has more digits than the other). A very common mistake customers make is they hit the "Space" key by mistake on one of the emails and not the other. Hitting the space key creates another digit (which you cannot see as it is just a blank space) and this causes the system to recognize that the emails are not the same.


For assistance on anything not listed on this page please call our customer service at




We are open Monday - Sunday from 7am - 8pm MST

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