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January 26 2020          

Online Customer Service please call: 1-866-691-9732 or 915-542-4547 Monday - Sunday from 7am to 5:30pm MST


Albuquerque, NM

Click Here If Sold Out

If there are no seats available online, that does not necessarily mean the departure is sold out. You can either check online again later to see if anything has become available or you can contact the following terminals:

Albuquerque, NM Terminal:

(505) 247-8036

El Paso, TX Terminal:

(915) 532-4061


Please note - if seats are available in the terminal but not online, there is a chance you may need to go in person to one of the terminals listed above to purchase your ticket. You may also have to pay cash as not all terminals are currently set up to accept credit cards.


*Exception to this would be Family Express Members who are able to reserve tickets by telephone*


Payment Gateway

Buying Tickets Online

* Select city to depart from and the destination.

* Select date(s) you would like to travel.

* Press ‘Search’

* Select trip time and indicate how many tickets are required.

* Click ’Select seats.’ Select any seat that is colored green.

* Click ‘Book Now/Go to checkout’

* Fill in any box that has a *, these are a requirement.

* Once payment has been made, you will receive a receipt and boarding passes

Comprando sus Boletos via Internet

* Seleccione la ciudad para salir y su destino.

* Seleccione la fecha(s) que desea viajar, y oprima ‘Search’

* Seleccione el tiempo e indique cuantos boletos se requieren en el lado derecho de la pagina.

* Oprima ’Select seats.’

* Seleccione cualquier asiento en verde.

* Oprima ‘Book Now/Go to checkout’ cual esta abajo en la pagina

* Llene cajas con *, estas secciones son un requisito.

* Cuando este complete el pago, recibirá un recibo y los boletos por email.

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