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April 23 2017          

Online Customer Service please call: 1-866-691-9732 Monday - Sunday from 7am to 6pm MST


Las Vegas, NV (Main)

Click Here If Sold Out

If there are no seats available online, that does not necessarily mean the departure is sold out. You can either check online again later to see if anything has become available or you can contact the following terminals:

Las Vegas Terminal:

(702) 369-3933

North Las Vegas Terminal:

(702) 642-2513

El Paso Terminal:
(915) 532-4061

Colton Terminal:
(909) 824-8424

El Monte Terminal:
(626) 442-1945

East Los Angeles Terminal:
(323) 265-3232


Please note - if seats are available in the terminal but not online, there is a chance you may need to go in person to one of the terminals listed above to purchase your ticket. You may also have to pay cash as not all terminals are currently set up to accept credit cards.


*Exception to this would be Family Express Members who are able to reserve tickets by telephone*


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